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KAAL Lyrics 'A thing for the blues'

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Discussion of 'A thing for the blues'

In my view some people are drawn to the blues seemingly naturally so. I understand that the roots of real blues come out of morbid and oppressed circumstances and 'blues' was thus also an expression of suffering, longing, displacement and factors that go with being socially unprivileged. In this sense though, is 'blues' also then a way to deal with depression?

Well this song is a simple and straightforward expression of my personal irresistible pull towards the blues. When this song was written I struggled, as always, with the real meaning of everyday work instead of staying in bed with a warm body you love. So I 'try to slide myself away for just another day but I get pulled by her fragrance. This conflict between 'want' and 'must' leads to a confusion. The chorus then describes a split between 'me' and 'him' which is the only real way for me to leave for work and that is to leave a part of me behind.

In verse two again: the real dream would be to spend all day with the one you love. Shouldn't this be the way of a real and happy life? Apparently not and hence more blues.


Up to now I still don't like or trust this concept of life and yet it is so.....