@ Baran's with Surika


RAQS Eastern Dancing

presented by Surika


1. Wings of Isis - Surika

2. Fusion of Asia - Surika, Urshulah, Natasjah

3. Shimara - Harem Dance

4. Natasjah - Different Middle-Eastern Styles

5. Veils from Alexandria, Egypt - IARO

6. Desert Dance - The Bagaria

7. Surika - Solo, Zijls, .....

8. Urshulah - Fire Sword

9. Saaidi Sultana - special perfromance

10. Geishas - Surika, Urshulah, Natasjah

11. Surika - drumsolo

Chikangkabe drummers

In the third show Akasha gave a special perfromance

as well as some beaitiful sining by Fu'ad.


Links to

Surika at Baran's

Urshulah at Baran's

Natasjah at Baran's

Special Guests at baran's

SurikaFunk Natasjah Shimara

Chikangkabe - drummers'

Chikangkabe' means 'you're moving. On the first night Sam, Blessing and Patrick got crowd moving and did African drumming and also drumming for a solo by Surika.

On the third evening Blessing and Funuelle entertained the audience but also gave an interactive performance with percussion as well as vocal skids. Blessing has not only extraordinary skills as a leading drummer but also an intuitive talent with people and audiences.

They are highly recommended for any function and can be contacted at Blessing 078 593 6617 or Funuelle 072 7231498. Sam can also be contacted at 078 593 6617.